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A Grand Opening Is Coming

Yes, it has been brewing, stewing, marinating (okay, I’ll stop now) for a while and it’s almost here….we hope you like it.

OPENING SOON AT — 77 Lakeshore Road West @ Kerr Street in Oakville.

Related imageJamaican influenced international dishes, including jerk chicken, Jamaican patties, soups, salads and so much more.

A menu will be posted shortly…fingers crossed for before the New Year!

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Mix UP


    • Hi Theresa
      Thanks for stopping by. We’re hoping to open our door before the end of January (fingers &toes crossed).

  1. It was lovely to meet Beverley and her staff today at Cafe Mix Up! The spicy beef patties are delicious! Looking forward to take out Chicken Curry and Jerk Chicken for dinner tonight! Can’t wait to see what other items will on your menu!

  2. Went to mix up cafe tonight and was very excited to try some Jamaica food as there is no where in Oakville to get good Jamaica food . The jerk chicken was amazing with not a lot of heat but the flavour was unbelievable the rice and peas where cooked perfectly and the coleslaw was outstanding. Oxtail soup was delicious. Can’t wait to go back as this is my new spot for some fantastic food , the owners are very nice .

  3. I come to cafe mix up at least once a week with my friends during our lunch break. Every time we go, we are always satisfied. The food comes out quick, tastes delicious and the service is great. I highly recommend the jerk chicken and the oxtail!

    • Hi Tomi,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment and thanks a bunch for your comments and recommendations on the food. I am very happy to know you and your friends enjoy the food I serve. I look forward to feeding you and your friends again.
      Beverley for Mix Up

  4. This place will not last. The food is overall a 4/10. Very basic. Hardly any selection. I admire the attempt and hope everything works out. I don’t like the idea of mixing Americanized dishes with Jamaican spices? Just choose one or the other! Carribbean will be great for oakville as there isn’t really any here but you need to specialize in that topic. Good luck Nicholas and bev!

    • I’m sorry you did not enjoy your meal with us, I guess not everything is liked by everyone. Thanks for stopping in.

  5. Last week i had the pleasure of eating some of the meals at Cafe Mix Up..
    It excellent, i tried the sweet potato soup for the first time, it was finger looking good !
    The Jamaican patties were excellent..

  6. Cafe Mix Up is a beautiful cafe where food, service, ambiance and the staff are second to none. The Jamaican food is delicious, fresh and prepared when ordered. The owners Beverley and Nicholas make you feel at home and you feel as if you are eating home-cooked meals. Thanks for opening such a great cafe in Oakville and I can’t wait to come back for more awesome jerk chicken!

  7. Brought home some curry goat and curry chicken for my family ….we loved it & da hot sauce ???
    I’ll be back for that jerk chicken salad and more curry?

    • Thanks for dropping by… glad you and your family enjoyed the food. Blessings!

  8. Very much enjoyed two lunches from Cafemixup this week, a place just a short walk from our office. One take out order, with lots of leftovers for the second meal. Love the jerk chicken soup (spicy and sweet) and goat curry (mega goat meat pieces). Patty was also good. We will be coming back for more!

  9. So happy we found this place. We will support as much as possible during these tough times to ensure you make it out on the other side. Great dishes!

  10. Ubereats promoted your restaurant, and so I placed an order for curry chicken and beef patties tonight and it all tastes absolutely amazing!! Definitely going to order food from you guys again, and bring my friends over for dinner when we’re all able to in the future! I would love to try the oxtail someday soon 😀

    • Thank you, Sheryl, so glad to hear that. Looking forward to having diners in again. Thanks for your support!

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